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The Language of Symbols

The Language of Symbols in the World of Dreams: Your Connection to Psychic Development and Mediumship Have you ever learned a new language? If you have, you probably remember noticing that your vocab... Read More

30 Common Dream Symbols: Keeping It Simple

The list of dream symbols can literally seem infinite, constantly evolving and even contradictory. But here are a few that show up often in dreams. This is a short and simple list and the symbol meani... Read More

Your Dreams: A Wise Friend Guiding You

Sometimes it makes it easier to think of something mysterious as a person or a personal energy. This idea was introduced to me by an old friend of mine, Wilda B. Tanner, who was a dream expert and aut... Read More

The Power of Lucid Dreaming: "I Am Awake in My Dreams"

There's a lot of information being exchanged about Lucid Dreaming these days. We know more about them today that we did when I first started studying dreams nearly a quarter of a century ago. And we'l... Read More

Nightmares Are Often A Call To Action

Nightmares can sometimes be simply processing a scary movie or TV show you watched just before bedtime, and that's why I advise not watching TV before you fall asleep. Especially not watching loud, fr... Read More
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